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Years ago, I listened to a series of R.C. Sproul audio tapes in which he discussed different worldviews. In it, he said that pragmatism, the “do whatever works” method of making decisions great and small, was the one uniquely American worldview. He said it sprang out of the Pilgrim/Pioneer grit-your-teeth-and-get-it-done experience.

I’ve seen an awful lot of American Christendom infected with this uniquely American worldview. In churches poor (build a gym and they will come), in churches rich (give them programs-a-plenty, and they will come), in churches liberal (tell them what they like to hear, and they will stay), in churches conservative (give a list, of things to be for or against, and they will stay). And so on.

And always, the question that drives decisions is, “what will work?” What will work to grow the church, or to stem the tide of our dwindling numbers, or to be more “relevant” to the world? Ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And of course, in our fully Madison Avenue-molded America, there are hundreds of “experts” out there to sell “purpose” or “program” ideas for “what works”.

And the church, in just about every corner, has embraced this uniquely American paradigm.

But since Christ has said He will build the church, both quantitatively and qualitatively, our abundance of fleshly sowing has given us an abundant fleshly harvest: one need only look at the sexual predations that have been exposed of late in evangelical circles, and even the growing elevation of folks in open sexual sin to positions of leadership in some churches to see just one area of how we’re reaping what we’ve sown.

Pragmatism is self will. And in America, it’s all for Jesus, of course.

On this first morning of Passover 2014, please Father, have mercy on us here in this nation.


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