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Well, it’s been so long since I updated, I figure you’ve all forgotten me. That’s okay; I haven’t had anything profound to say anyway. I stay caught up with you all by reading your blogs fairly regularly (all of you) and I steal the photos I like from your photobuckets  

VBS is over and it was a Tracey-pulled-the-rabbit-out-of-the-hat year once again.  Our fair is this week and Theresa competes Friday. Then next week is the curriculum/book sale. Then Theresa goes back to Lew Sterret’s camp for two weeks — they asked her back, and we said yes because since she’s trained now, it won’t cost us anything this time, except for ga$ for an eight hour trip (one way). Then we’re praying for school to start with a bang, instead of a whimper. Theresa’s a senior this year, and I’m almost done.

I can’t decide what I’m going to do with this next phase of my life. I don’t see any grandchildren in the near future, certainly not by the time Theresa graduates. So, maybe Mark and I will go be missionaries on Maui . Really, though, the pastor of the church we attended while we were there came from central Ohio in 1964 to be a missionary there. I think it was probably a *little* different then than it is now, though . But it’s still mostly filled with lost souls, for the hippies moved there en masse in the 60’s, and they’re on their third generation of dreadlocks and piercings and tatoos. It’s counter-culture there now to be sane. But I’m jk about going there as a missionary. Maybe instead I’ll stay at Bethel and do whatever God tells me to. It is often just as adventuresome in His service here as it was in Maui, if not as picturesque. Who could leave their family anyway, even for dwelling in the uttermost parts of the sea?

For you are all my family, and I love you all, even if I haven’t written in three months. Just chalk it up to senility. Because it’s not a “senior moment” anymore: it’s a senior “every moment”.


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