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Motto of a recovering fear-motivated control freak: I am not responsible for the end result, only to lean on God and His word for wisdom and guidance during the process, and to respond in a God-glorifying way, whether the process seems to be going well or not.

What does that mean where the rubber meets the road?

It means I am not responsible for whether my children turn into Nabal or Gomer (not that they are, or anything ) I am only responsible to lean on God and His word for wisdom and counsel in raising them, and to respond to seeming setbacks in their training with a Jesus-like response (always gentle to the repentent or ignorant, firmer to the stubborn.) If I try to manage the outcome, and take control of the results, I will forget to lean on God in my efforts to do the work myself, and I will not respond in a Jesus-like way when my efforts don’t seem to be paying off.

There are lots of other examples where I tend to rely on my own efforts and then wrestle to “make sure” the outcome is the way I want it. For instance, there’s a lot of fear in the outcome as Theresa learns to drive . And my tendency is to forget to pray (what was I thinking ) and then to bark orders, or grab the wheel, as we’re heading for a mailbox . Just ask poor Daniel sometime about his learning-to-drive experiences with a fearful Mom  But his trials with me did pay off for Theresa, for I’m calmer with her (or maybe girls are easier to teach than boys ).

No, I’m not responsible for the outcome of anything. That’s God’s job. I am responsible for my job, which is to trust Him for guidance and protection during the process, and to take the ups and downs along that process with equal calmness and kindness in my reaction.

So there… I posted. It’s a minor miracle if I even check my email, so PTL.

And….HAPPY SPRING!!!! to everyone


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