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We are having a few days of downtime here, and I’ve had a chance to get on the computer two or three times already this past week. It’s a Christmas miracle.  Theresa is still recovering from the flu (she slept 16 hours straight yesterday), we’re still eating leftover Christmas dinner (yaaay!), and we’re rejoicing in our blessings this year. Thank you to Brinkers (3), Coxes, Smiths (Kim Gio’s parents), Purtells, Tracys (Justine’s parents and sister) and my sister and niece for making our Christmas so special. Jesus was glorified, and that is our biggest blessing. We were sorry we missed the Cassinaris and we pray for their sad van. I think we should have a prayer meeting dedicated to its healing.

You didn’t think this was just going to be chatty did you??  Below is such a good thought from Watchman Nee, out of The Normal Christian Life, that I had to share it with you. It’s a long draught again, but I pray it quenches you as it did me. I thank the Living Water for this gift. This is from the chapter about sanctification called The Path of Progress…

“Rom. 6:12-13 — Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey the lusts thereof: neither present your members unto sin as instruments of unrighteousness; but present yourselves unto God, as alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God. [emphasis mine]

The operative word here is “present”, and this occurs five times in the chapter, in verses 13, 16 and 19.

Presenting myself to God implies a recognition that I am altogether His. This giving of myself is a definite thing, just as definite as reckoning. There must be a day in my life when I pass out of my own hands into His, and from that day forward I belong to Him and no longer to myself. That does not mean that I consecrate myself myself to be a preacher or a missionary. Alas, many people are missionaries not because they have truly consecrated themselves to God but because … they have not consecrated themselves to Him. They have “consecrated” (as they would put it) something altogether different, namely, their own uncrucified natural faculties to the doing of His work; but that is not true consecration. Then to what are we to be consecrated? Not to Christian work, but to the will of God, to be and to do whatever He requires.

David had many mighty men. Some were generals and others were gatekeepers, according as the king assigned them their allotted tasks. We must be willing to be either generals or gatekeepers, allotted to our parts just as God wills and not as we choose. If you are a Christian, then God has marked out a pathway for you — a “course” as Paul calls it in 2 Tim. 4:7. Not only Paul’s path but the path of every Christian has been clearly marked out by God, and it is of supreme importance that each one should know and walk in the God-appointed course. “Lord, I give myself to Thee with this desire alone, to know and walk in the path Thou has ordained.” That is true giving. If at the close of a life we can say with Paul: “I have finished my course,” then we are blessed indeed… We have only one life to live down here and we are free to do as we please with it, but if we seek our own pleasure our life will never glorify God. [emphasis mine] A devoted Christian once said in my hearing, “I want nothing for myself; I want everything for God.” Do you want anything apart from God, or does all your desire center in His will? Can you truly say that the will of God is “good and acceptable and perfect” to you? (Rom. 12:2)

For it is our wills that are in question here. That strong self-assertive will of mine must go to the Cross, and I must give myself wholly to the Lord. We cannot expect a tailor to make us a coat if we do not give him any cloth… and in just the same way we cannot expect the Lord to live out His life in us if we do not give Him our lives in which to live. Without reservations, without controversy, we must give ourselves to Him to do as He please with us. “Present yourselves unto God” (Rom. 6:13)”

Wasn’t that so good and so true?  I hope and pray, once again, that you stuck with it for the full blessing that is in it. Merry Belated Christmas to everyone.

Mrs. V.


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