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“When a man does learn the meaning of the work of Christ in the present life, a new door is open to him. And this new door then seems to be so wonderful that often it gives the Christian, as he begins to act upon the knowledge of faith, the sense of something that is as new as was his conversion. And it has been true for many of us that at a certain point, after we have been Christians for a long time, suddenly through the teaching of the Bible—directly or through someone teaching us — we have seen the meaning of the work of Christ and the blood of Jesus Christ for our present life, and a new door opens for us.” (Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality)

Jesus meant it when He said “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matt 21:22) But the believing isn’t believing in my faith to move mountains, or whatever, but believing in God’s promises, that what He has promised, He will do. Will God increase my love, like He says in 1 Thess 3:12? Can I be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19)? Can I do all things like He says in Phil 4? Will I, can I, do all the works He did, and greater, like He says in John 14:12? Yes, if I believe Him, that if He said it, it’s true. Like a little kid, not with my analytical, 21st century mind. But DO I believe God? Or when I read these things in the scriptures do I figure He didn’t really mean it, or just not for me? He meant it, and for me. And for you. Believe him, and enter that new door that Francis Schaeffer talked about.


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